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Ksenia Danilova

Latvia, Riga

Founder of brand Ksenia Danilova. Designer of apparel and authorial handmade

headwear. Individual work with clients. Creation and design of style.

Elena Klakina

Latvia, Riga

Elena carefully creates and designs original ideas for silk and uses French laces,

Italian wool and cashmere of famous producers from Paris and Milan. Elements

of different cultures and traditions are mixed in each collection like reflection of

designers traveling through Asia and Europe. Collections are 100% made in


Nathasha Chabelnique


Have studied design in Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences and in

University of Arts in London. As well, she has experience of performances as a

concert pianist, educated in Royal Academy of Music. Specifics of creation of

costume for performances on stage, special events and celebrations are not only

familiar and understandable for her, but also beloved!

Svetlana Klakina

Latvia, Riga

Harmony of colors and unusual shapes in digital illustrations Sveltlana Klakina

will bring you in colorful and exciting world! Design and artistic decoration of

garments. Creation of sketches and pictures for further transfer to different

textures of garments.

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